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Decision making and problem solving team leader in the world of Social Marketing and Community Development.

Originally from New England now living in Los Angeles.

I create and build engaged communities in various social platforms in order to institute new branches of interaction between business and consumer. Additionally I use grassroots marketing efforts to establish direct relationships with key industry influencers to leverage as brand ambassadors.

Currently I am the Director of Social Marketing Strategy for [Method] DRG, which is a full service performance marketing agency.  I head up all efforts relating to Social Media, Community Development and Partnership Development. Prior to that I managed Social Media and Community Development at Hellomusic.com, a Social Commerce company that creates deals on gear and services for musicians.  My strategy and efforts grew Hello Music’s social presence exponentially and created a community of active supporters that directly resulted in increased revenue.  Through click tracking and detailed tracking spreadsheets I was able to prove the power of Social Media as a key driver for site traffic and revenue.  Additionally I have worked directly with bands, entertainers and local businesses to manage social media and online marketing efforts.

Being a 20 something in the business world competing against far more experienced 30 somethings isn’t impossible but it certainly is not easy.  My goal with this blog is to provide tips, tricks and tools to help the young professional get ahead in a cutthroat world. I will share my ideas, experiences and findings here.  Please comment and leave thoughts! Enjoy…


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